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Welcome to my thing, I draw the booby thing, the thing in general, will make a comic every now and then.
ty and God bless ya, bois

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This is a warning concerning artists that like to entertain the idea that they DON'T want to become mentally ill or thinking the next Great Terror will come from the people that say the n****r word online - be careful of people that capitalize on the drama of the week, or FAGGOTS as I like to call them. These absolute wastes of carbon will come for you for absolutely anything, and I've shared experiences with lesser artists that got absolutely doxxed and harrassed for even LESS. Make no mistake, these are people who missed a good beating as a child, they'll applaud humanity's resume into the long steady march towards becoming absolutely helpless to extreme poverty, state and street violence and technocratic dystopianism while proclaiming themselves the "Good guys". don't be afraid to treat them as the scum they are, it's sad but there are kinds of people that need to be looked down at, abstaining from doing that makes them gather numbers, and this is how I've seen some artists disappear.

If you suffered from this, please know that it's literally just drama of the week and the wise decision is to sit it out and carry on like nothing's happened, are you seriously scared people will call you racist online and deny you sympathy? did you ever need them before? For God's sake, have some strong foothold in your life. In any case, don't stop. Never stop. Keep drawing because it's your calling, and do whatever you want whenever you feel like it, "the only people that wanna bring you down are below you".

So what's the trick, Jingo? What do you do when someone with thousands of followers is spreading my private discord messages around and putting me in blacklists because I happen to follow Shadman on Newgrounds? Falsely accusing others of being pedophiles while spreading my deadnames around? First off, and I don't believe I have to state this - is to never put on the internet shit you don't want shown. don't talk to people you don't trust about stuff that's too delicate to you, and honestly, make your true personality very clear to people first hand, "I don't support the side that sucks baby-rapist dick", it's really simple.

"If you don't know how to despise, you don't know how to respect." By my experience it means flat out cutting communications with people and sitting drama out, but seeing people become affected by it usually means the lot of you aren't prepared or aren't mentally strong/mature to deal with it, so work on that, it'll help real life, too.

And with the state of social media as is, you kinda have to put on your big boy pants too. It would be nice if people migrated to other sites and formed their own communities, but the truth of the matter is, they'll never be as popular as Tumblr or twitter, and a lot of people just can't give up the dopamine. And the other half will go "NOOOO YOU CAN'T GO TO OTHER SITES, THEY'RE LITERALLY WHITE SUPREMACIST SHITHOLES, YOU HAVE TO STAY IN TWITTER WHERE YOU'LL GET BRAIN DAMAGE FROM HOW RETARDED PEOPLE HERE ARE AND RUIN YOUR COGNITIVE CAPABILITIES FROM SELF-CENSORING SO MUCH". The Indio inside me thinks this is all really weird and tiring, so I'm just trying to survive this.


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