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ty and God bless ya, bois

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Posted by CaptainJingo - 1 month ago

Oops I got entangled in a bunch of side projects this year and didn't care much about anything else other then work i'm such a clutz xDDd that's such an Aquarius thing to do xDDDD

Real talk though, I went into this year not wanting to be like the previous one, in which my picture turn-out was slower, but Oh well. I'll do better in 2022, you'll see.


Posted by CaptainJingo - August 4th, 2021

This is a warning concerning artists that like to entertain the idea that they DON'T want to become mentally ill or thinking the next Great Terror will come from the people that say the n****r word online - be careful of people that capitalize on the drama of the week, or FAGGOTS as I like to call them. These absolute wastes of carbon will come for you for absolutely anything, and I've shared experiences with lesser artists that got absolutely doxxed and harrassed for even LESS. Make no mistake, these are people who missed a good beating as a child, they'll applaud humanity's resume into the long steady march towards becoming absolutely helpless to extreme poverty, state and street violence and technocratic dystopianism while proclaiming themselves the "Good guys". don't be afraid to treat them as the scum they are, it's sad but there are kinds of people that need to be looked down at, abstaining from doing that makes them gather numbers, and this is how I've seen some artists disappear.

If you suffered from this, please know that it's literally just drama of the week and the wise decision is to sit it out and carry on like nothing's happened, are you seriously scared people will call you racist online and deny you sympathy? did you ever need them before? For God's sake, have some strong foothold in your life. In any case, don't stop. Never stop. Keep drawing because it's your calling, and do whatever you want whenever you feel like it, "the only people that wanna bring you down are below you".

So what's the trick, Jingo? What do you do when someone with thousands of followers is spreading my private discord messages around and putting me in blacklists because I happen to follow Shadman on Newgrounds? Falsely accusing others of being pedophiles while spreading my deadnames around? First off, and I don't believe I have to state this - is to never put on the internet shit you don't want shown. don't talk to people you don't trust about stuff that's too delicate to you, and honestly, make your true personality very clear to people first hand, "I don't support the side that sucks baby-rapist dick", it's really simple.

"If you don't know how to despise, you don't know how to respect." By my experience it means flat out cutting communications with people and sitting drama out, but seeing people become affected by it usually means the lot of you aren't prepared or aren't mentally strong/mature to deal with it, so work on that, it'll help real life, too.

And with the state of social media as is, you kinda have to put on your big boy pants too. It would be nice if people migrated to other sites and formed their own communities, but the truth of the matter is, they'll never be as popular as Tumblr or twitter, and a lot of people just can't give up the dopamine. And the other half will go "NOOOO YOU CAN'T GO TO OTHER SITES, THEY'RE LITERALLY WHITE SUPREMACIST SHITHOLES, YOU HAVE TO STAY IN TWITTER WHERE YOU'LL GET BRAIN DAMAGE FROM HOW RETARDED PEOPLE HERE ARE AND RUIN YOUR COGNITIVE CAPABILITIES FROM SELF-CENSORING SO MUCH". The Indio inside me thinks this is all really weird and tiring, so I'm just trying to survive this.



Posted by CaptainJingo - April 15th, 2021

gonna go out and buy some cigarettes.


Posted by CaptainJingo - April 5th, 2021

He is risen.


Posted by CaptainJingo - April 2nd, 2021

Not working on any new pictures. Too much stuff happening, one among them is my absolute distaste that ultimately resulted in temporarily blocking Twitter as a means to spare me from seeing celebrities comitting sacrilege or what the fuck else, not like I care but I still don't want to see it, since these next few days are important. though from seeing just how many of my followers are called satan or lucifer, angel of light (like gee, are you all actually him or is it a competition?), more and more I feel like I'm being driven into making a choice in which the result is Very Predictable. as much as I try to believe that one can draw porn and still be of sound mental health. I'm a human above all, and given how fucking retarded everyone's been behaving lately, a fight or flee response is only natural.


Posted by CaptainJingo - March 5th, 2021

complete utter subjugation, issues like these come and go but the same theme is prevalent and the result of people just giving up on criticizing whether a character has been made less sexier always has the same conclusion, except with even less enthusiasm/outrage for the next time it happens.

I don't care there's a new space jam, I don't like watching new movies and cartoons. I don't care lola got a redesign, I don't even care that much about lola - but if I wanna draw Lola, I will draw the lola I want, however I want, and if the new Space Jam turned her into a wooden fucking board wearing 4 layers of clothing I won't fucking care. And getting pissed off over that, ironizing the situation or defending this is idiotic.  

The new lola redesign for the space jam reboot? it's trash. End of story. The apocalypse is not gonna happen because I said it, but I am seeing more and more people submit to the corporate decisions of de-sexualizing characters of both sexes, and it was a gradual process, say it's ok when Archie did it for sonic because it would ''''fit more the sonic aesthetic'''', so it's ok for (((multi-billionaire corporation))) to do it. You aren't even allowed to groan about it your peers will try make you feel bad about it. Though if it's any consolation, in the end it's just gonna be more power to the own-minded artists that just don't care and will draw the old versions of these characters as sexualized as they need be anyway! Art-wise anything can work, good art IS coming out of this, thankfully. The real strain comes in the form of not wanting to deal with the headaches of defending ''artistic integrity'' on the internet and getting swamped by trite arguments such as "she's just as good", "It's better in different aspects" and "she's less of a sex object", all designed to cancel-out debate. What were you expecting? You chose to play this game by their rules, of course you're gonna lose, and they're just gonna keep doing it.

I am not soapboxing, out of your own God-given free will you chose to read this retarded personal blog entry of this thing I wanted to get out of my chest, because I think there should be some sort of warning for the absolute state of Our Minds, so when everyone's consumated their schizophrenia and officially/publicly state their love of satan and full rejection of reality after jerking off to all the demon girl porn they could, someone can say someone tried warning. You already submit to corporations things you'll NEVER forgive your parents for doing, like telling you to not watch certain content, not say naughty things, not do certain things or talk about no-no topics. You will not suffer if you go back and pull a 180 on that regard. At all. Maybe you'll be able to put some more heart/soul on your art. Maybe you'll understand where the blow came from when social media bans porn like tumblr did.


Posted by CaptainJingo - December 24th, 2020

2020 was pretty great to me, I was supposed to start ''college'' in ''architeture'' but over here they declared lockdown just as I clocked in exactly 1 day of a useless boring presentation with uninspired lecturers, and 1 day of class in which already I wanted to murder my retarded idiot classmates and idiot teachers. I'm deeply sorry for everyone that got fucked over this lockdown shit, and I sympathize with anyone wanting revenge for pushing this shit on us when they cucked us out of the cure (hydroxychloroquine), as well as the more unfortunate souls who just got mentally fucked over from this. I pray you overcome this.

And that's the crux of the question, 2020 was a year like any other, it can't be ''bad'' to you and bad things that happen to you IS NOT ''2020''s fault. This is a shitty faggy meme that only neo-pagans spread around, while China and our governments are fucking us over in the ass you're all sitting at home circumambulating around the 2020 hate deity. Maybe I might be no fun when saying this, or sounding really angry, but I feel like that's the truth. People are at fault for making the world worse, not arbitrary calendar numbers.

I am very glad and thankful for the year I've went through, even the bad parts. Good people were put in my path, excellent people, Great friends on top of the great friends I already had, I wish the best for them all in this next year. My very understanding and patient followers, the ones that stay and the ones that left, I'm thankful for you all, you're not internet or dopamine points to me but people whom I'm trusting my talent on, to make stuff hopefully you'll all enjoy. Hopefully I can be more active in 2021, and God willing, put some muscle on my personal projects I'm aching to see them finished and shown.

Merry Christmas, and a great 2021 for you guys!



Posted by CaptainJingo - October 9th, 2020

After forsaking my twitter account right as a thousand people come to see me draw coco only to get nothing and even more nothing in response, I bravely set forth on my path of STILL forsaking my poor twitter followers in my quest of not giving anyone what they want, I might be done with TGT but not with a dozen other projects I now have to play catch-up to. My deepest apologies to all my fans/friends/loved ones who expect something from me but I can't really promise anything.

It doesn't help that lately the entire country has been hit with this absolutely unbearable heat wave. I feel sick on a daily basis. But other than that, everything has been just peachy.

EdIT: Oh yeah, turns out newgrounds is glitched on my version of chrome, I can't access it and it sucks. I also spilled water on my keyboard and now my d and shift keys don't work, I have to copy paste the letter d now, or at least until I buy a replacement keyboard and get it fixed which from the way my life is paced, it won't be a thing until next year. But yeah, everything's fine and I love you all.

EdIT2: guys it's not that bad, lol

God bless.


Posted by CaptainJingo - May 5th, 2020

Sorry I haven't been very active lately, save for a couple lewd sketches in April I've all but almost dropped out of the porn scene, hopefully I can go back to it soon, but paid work takes precedent and right now I'm very much involved in the making of Tails Gets Trolled, as well as commission/fanart work. I pray everynight for more time.

I've been rather sick since November last year, my respiratory system had been getting really fucked and turns out that it didn't have anything to do with my smoking habit but the fact that my gums fucked up and are trying to grow my wisdom tooth at the grand age of 24, added with my old mattress virtually killing me via fucking up my back/bladder it also caused this crisis.

I will abstain from talking about the chinese virus, but all I have to say is stay safe, be aware, and don't be afraid. There is a cure.


Posted by CaptainJingo - December 28th, 2019

I'll end 2019 with a couple pictures, for sure, but also a few words

I'm immensively thankful for all the love and support I've gotten in 2019, 3 years in this porn business and not a single death threat, minor soliciting nudes and being cancelled despite being a big fascist racist homophobic? I must be gifted.

In all seriousness, I look back at 2019 and while I can see a significant improvement in my art, more than ever I feel the pressure to live up to the standard that gets the big twitter numbers/newgrounds frontpage, tumblr seemed like a bubble now that I think about it, but that's just me, as usual the people that can ''just do it'' have their own issues. 

I'm thankful and would love to personally hang out with everyone that followed me, as well as unfollowed me (which is quite a lot lol), but unfortunately I can't. My only concern for 2020 as far as I'm willing to tell is that I need to work, evolve, try not to embarrass myself as often. 

I'm working on a new version of my Rock & Rule fan-edit, the newest Chapter 23 of lazerbot's Tails Gets Trolled (under his supervision), a couple comics (haven't done those in a while huh? good times.) And overall more art. Maybe commissions.

Thank you all and God bless.