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Welcome to my thing, I draw the booby thing, the thing in general, will make a comic every now and then.
ty and God bless ya, bois

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thanks I needed this

No jingo. You're already the brain damaged.
If there's a place more infested by pseudo ideological brainrot on the internet than twitter it's exactly places like 4chan, something awful and the kiwifarms (you know, that place literally 100% dedicated to cancelling and harassing people off of the internet).

I don't go to any of those sites, I should smack you across the face for even suggesting I have a preference towards something awful. but sending people a thousand dollars worth of pizza and monitoring blaze the movie fan is in no way equal to the shit twitter (formely tumblr) used to do with people - and thinking they're righteous to top it all off, like the victim "deserves it". Go fuck yourself.

Honestly, I couldn't agree more. Especially since there's a certain Pina that's basically the main culprit behind all the dramas of the week. With every new shitty exposé he makes, I start to see him more as someone who couldn't draw for shit and, earlier on, he relied on tracing for his finished art pieces, and because he had no talent and no mental strengh to get good at it, instead, he started to bash and ruin other artists that were more talented and popular than he could ever be. Some at first seemed reasonable, but they started to become more lame/ whiny and nitpicky as it went on. And for me, his "Good guy" mask is starting to slip. It's really unfortunate how because of dumb brainrotting sheeps who try to harm talented artists, we are seeing less original and quality artworks. People seem to forget that in art, you can do whatever the fuck you want and feel like. Obviously not everyone's gonna love what's being produced, but who cares? If you don't like it just move on and do something useful in your life.

Honestly I didn't even know both were the same person, I more or less thought youtubers were "better" than that, with Saberspark being the absolute bottom of the barrel, it's the reason I thought of saying something, I died a little further after today.

motherfucker literally looks like /pol/face lmao

Go back to 4chan, f-slur loser.

I remember growing up and learning that telling someone your real name and favorite color was basically forbidden. Nowadays I see people listing their full name, race, gender, sexuality, mental illnesses, school, exact address, and expecting that to be fine. Listing what violently upsets you online and then labelling them as your triggers can only lead to disaster.

It was nice to read this and find myself agreeing with you.
Stay cool, Jingo.

Yep, exactly like that. The biggest contributor to cancelling is the cancelled person, who is submit and agreeing to be cancelled, falling because of some low level smear of some lowlife.

@UrBoiPika You first, Friday Night Funkin Trash

People that prominently display their identity without addendum whatsoever on the Internet of all places have too little faith in the concept of moral standing. They absolutely need to stay on a moral high ground no matter what, or else it will make the little nest they built themselves crumble around them. Can't imagine disclosing personal information and getting involved in community drama when one can simply filter their experience of the Web to accommodate them first and foremost. I feel like you can only allow yourself to be this vulnerable and completely honest under the cover of anonymity. Mostly explains why posting on Yotsuba&!chan always has been a stress-free experience for me.

Last month I found myself enjoying the Ptero threads because anons came out of their shells more naturally than you would normally be able to see on other boards. Also dinosaurs. The lads had the opportunity to open up about their problems & to self-reflect without the fear of getting blacklisted for wrongthink. Sure, it was cringe-inducing at times, and an actual therapy would probably do more good to some (if they had that kind of money that is), but it was relieving to feel kindred spirits having constructive discourse about topics they all felt passionate about. It helped to nurture a bond of camaraderie which enticed most of the people there to uplift one another instead of shooting each other down like what you see on twitter with the ratios and the dogpiling. Sure there's always the hugbox problem, but anons also have no issue with calling out bullshit when they see it since they have very little to lose on the website to begin with.

It's funny because the MC in-game reminded me of something, but I couldn't put my finger on what that something was exactly... until I went down memory lane and stumbled upon your """old""" Undyne comics! If what I'm trying to get at is true, then you and the people you worked with are true role models for dedicating this much effort with what little free time you peeps have on what some on twitter would discard out of bad faith. Your teammates can pat each other on the back for achieving something this solid writing-wise, music-wise, code-wise and art-wise in such a short length of time. The Jannie does it for free too, but can he ever claim he does his chores out of love when his deeds stem from necessity? A VN's one step up from nsfw comics for sure; what's next, an animated short? Just kidding, I already have an idea of what's next, I just wish I could express my sincere gratitude to the rest of the champ squad through you. Surely I could be completely wrong about you having a hand in that behemoth of a project of course, in which case the first two paragraphs break my sudden fall and save me from second-hand embarrassment by staying relevant to your Original Post.

Regardless, this was a huge inspiration boost to see an artist come this far while still keeping his big boy pants on as you say, so take care of yourself Jingo. Looking forward to the next big boy project! 1a df 3c ff ef 1a 4c cf 7h b2v