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December scrambling and The Black Cauldron

Posted by CaptainJingo - December 9th, 2018

I wish I could warn everyone that sent me e-mails for commissions to either stay patient or hell, tell me if the deal is over. 

Alas, I am tackling them one-by-one, slowly. All this Newgrounds and Twitter exodus is pretty heated, and in the process, as it happens in an artist's life, I get overwhelmed by all these artists and cool people that follow me and I feel like I'm not a tenth as good as they are, it's then that I feel like ''I must retire to the mountains'' and try to improve at my craft. I actually haven't felt like this in a long time. It's a good thing I guess.

I have more art planned, and yes, I do intend on censoring my whole blog to see if I can still save it after the purge. 

I also tried winning The Black Cauldron in storyboard form at an auction but someone bid 1000 dollars in JUST to keep the competition away, a similar thing happened earlier this year when I wanted to win the script (Shooting Schedule) where I didn't have enough money, turns out that the guy won it for 1000, no competition. I recorded it, it's on video. At that same auction a sketch of a bear from Fox and the Hound sold for 2000 dollars, so the guy that bid for the storyboards REALLY wanted and was SURE to get it, it seems.

For those that don't know, these Storyboards are essentially the skeleton of the film, uncut, uncensored, and is the next best thing to a extended cut of The Black Cauldron,  I have a Youtube channel where I run some Black Cauldron related trivia and deleted scene research that everyone steals to put in their video instead of looking for themselves, for now only a handful of scenes surfaced, but I did do my homework and research, I'm currently gathering material for a new video with the new stuff that just showed up, so everyone can enjoy and steal :D


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Damn, I'm still mad that I missed the opportunity to commission you. I wish you the best of luck through, looking forward to seeing your artwork :)