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2020 in Review

Posted by CaptainJingo - December 24th, 2020

2020 was pretty great to me, I was supposed to start ''college'' in ''architeture'' but over here they declared lockdown just as I clocked in exactly 1 day of a useless boring presentation with uninspired lecturers, and 1 day of class in which already I wanted to murder my retarded idiot classmates and idiot teachers. I'm deeply sorry for everyone that got fucked over this lockdown shit, and I sympathize with anyone wanting revenge for pushing this shit on us when they cucked us out of the cure (hydroxychloroquine), as well as the more unfortunate souls who just got mentally fucked over from this. I pray you overcome this.

And that's the crux of the question, 2020 was a year like any other, it can't be ''bad'' to you and bad things that happen to you IS NOT ''2020''s fault. This is a shitty faggy meme that only neo-pagans spread around, while China and our governments are fucking us over in the ass you're all sitting at home circumambulating around the 2020 hate deity. Maybe I might be no fun when saying this, or sounding really angry, but I feel like that's the truth. People are at fault for making the world worse, not arbitrary calendar numbers.

I am very glad and thankful for the year I've went through, even the bad parts. Good people were put in my path, excellent people, Great friends on top of the great friends I already had, I wish the best for them all in this next year. My very understanding and patient followers, the ones that stay and the ones that left, I'm thankful for you all, you're not internet or dopamine points to me but people whom I'm trusting my talent on, to make stuff hopefully you'll all enjoy. Hopefully I can be more active in 2021, and God willing, put some muscle on my personal projects I'm aching to see them finished and shown.

Merry Christmas, and a great 2021 for you guys!




Wait you actually believe in a "cure"? You know that this isn't how viruzes work right?