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I'm sorry Newgrounds all but gives this kind of post where I take an issue and make this about myself a spotlight.

Posted by CaptainJingo - March 5th, 2021

complete utter subjugation, issues like these come and go but the same theme is prevalent and the result of people just giving up on criticizing whether a character has been made less sexier always has the same conclusion, except with even less enthusiasm/outrage for the next time it happens.

I don't care there's a new space jam, I don't like watching new movies and cartoons. I don't care lola got a redesign, I don't even care that much about lola - but if I wanna draw Lola, I will draw the lola I want, however I want, and if the new Space Jam turned her into a wooden fucking board wearing 4 layers of clothing I won't fucking care. And getting pissed off over that, ironizing the situation or defending this is idiotic.  

The new lola redesign for the space jam reboot? it's trash. End of story. The apocalypse is not gonna happen because I said it, but I am seeing more and more people submit to the corporate decisions of de-sexualizing characters of both sexes, and it was a gradual process, say it's ok when Archie did it for sonic because it would ''''fit more the sonic aesthetic'''', so it's ok for (((multi-billionaire corporation))) to do it. You aren't even allowed to groan about it your peers will try make you feel bad about it. Though if it's any consolation, in the end it's just gonna be more power to the own-minded artists that just don't care and will draw the old versions of these characters as sexualized as they need be anyway! Art-wise anything can work, good art IS coming out of this, thankfully. The real strain comes in the form of not wanting to deal with the headaches of defending ''artistic integrity'' on the internet and getting swamped by trite arguments such as "she's just as good", "It's better in different aspects" and "she's less of a sex object", all designed to cancel-out debate. What were you expecting? You chose to play this game by their rules, of course you're gonna lose, and they're just gonna keep doing it.

I am not soapboxing, out of your own God-given free will you chose to read this retarded personal blog entry of this thing I wanted to get out of my chest, because I think there should be some sort of warning for the absolute state of Our Minds, so when everyone's consumated their schizophrenia and officially/publicly state their love of satan and full rejection of reality after jerking off to all the demon girl porn they could, someone can say someone tried warning. You already submit to corporations things you'll NEVER forgive your parents for doing, like telling you to not watch certain content, not say naughty things, not do certain things or talk about no-no topics. You will not suffer if you go back and pull a 180 on that regard. At all. Maybe you'll be able to put some more heart/soul on your art. Maybe you'll understand where the blow came from when social media bans porn like tumblr did.