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Welcome to my thing, I draw the booby thing, the thing in general, will make a comic every now and then.
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what i'm doing rn lol

Posted by CaptainJingo - April 2nd, 2021

Not working on any new pictures. Too much stuff happening, one among them is my absolute distaste that ultimately resulted in temporarily blocking Twitter as a means to spare me from seeing celebrities comitting sacrilege or what the fuck else, not like I care but I still don't want to see it, since these next few days are important. though from seeing just how many of my followers are called satan or lucifer, angel of light (like gee, are you all actually him or is it a competition?), more and more I feel like I'm being driven into making a choice in which the result is Very Predictable. as much as I try to believe that one can draw porn and still be of sound mental health. I'm a human above all, and given how fucking retarded everyone's been behaving lately, a fight or flee response is only natural.



Twitter freaking sucks, and it's a shame I have to rely on it to build up an audience and draw in an income. I wouldn't be surprised if you totally defected from Twitter in favor of Newgrounds. This is why I'm holding out for Pillowfort, so I have a decent replacement to fall back on when crap hits the Twitter fan.

It's a damn shame how social media in general has become such a cesspool.

Take care of yourself and focus on what makes you happy, my man!

I regularly think about making a twitter account but every time I dive in I find myself wasting time and being disgusted at the end. Besides, it's probably gonna be useless to me since I can't do much shitposting. Unfortunately, negative drive is more powerful than a positive one, hence why media exploit it to make profit. Worst part is how many people happily fall for that.

Sorry to hear that Twitter has been such a mess for you. It is an unfortunate trend these days for a lot of good artists to be put off or harassed by that damn site.

Best of luck to you in whatever choice you make, and I hope you feel better soon!