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CaptainJingo's News

Posted by CaptainJingo - January 10th, 2019

I've lost since the year started some 20-30 followers tops there, I was warned that the community is terrible but I wouldn't expect it to be THAT bad, it's like I'm really stuck on a college campus filled with drug addicts, priviledged/petite burgeouise pricks sharing their intelectual brainfarts for good boy points and pats on the back, and people that think their lives are fulfilling only if they farm as much twitter points as possible for doing Absolutely Nothing.

Added with the terrible interface, unintuitive design, gimped features that make facebook and tumblr look like swiss army knives, and the godawful way it organizes the posts that I'm pretty sure it's intended to fuck with my memory/sanity by changing the order of the posts and not have an option to organize it chronologically like in Tumblr.

At least with tumblr I wouldn't see content I didn't want to see, I could just unfollow said person and NEVER have to deal with idiots comforting people who fooled them all with bullshit or fanfiction, as well as like anything I want without losing followers. Because of Tumblr's antiquated design/structure it ended up being more user-friendly and enjoyable than twitter, which is nothing but a vice to people, I feel like the loss of everyone's privacy makes it alluring, or a tool to outcast people, who knows.

what even is the point of reblogging if everyone can already see stuff the people they follow liked

Everyone should have just migrated to GAB, to be honest, but even Newgrounds gets flack for ''supporting the likes of Shadman'', so it's out of the question. Sad!


Posted by CaptainJingo - December 17th, 2018

Thankfully the blog itself is intact, albeit in stasis, I don't have the classic woody avatar or the exploding volcano during a thunderstorm for some reason, I guess I've been de-personed. My SFW blog is still up, however, and since the tumblr bot is retarded I wonder if anyone can see SOME of my posts that are still in there.

Thank you bumblr, maybe one day where you stop sucking dick you'll go back to your former glory.



Posted by CaptainJingo - December 9th, 2018

I wish I could warn everyone that sent me e-mails for commissions to either stay patient or hell, tell me if the deal is over. 

Alas, I am tackling them one-by-one, slowly. All this Newgrounds and Twitter exodus is pretty heated, and in the process, as it happens in an artist's life, I get overwhelmed by all these artists and cool people that follow me and I feel like I'm not a tenth as good as they are, it's then that I feel like ''I must retire to the mountains'' and try to improve at my craft. I actually haven't felt like this in a long time. It's a good thing I guess.

I have more art planned, and yes, I do intend on censoring my whole blog to see if I can still save it after the purge. 

I also tried winning The Black Cauldron in storyboard form at an auction but someone bid 1000 dollars in JUST to keep the competition away, a similar thing happened earlier this year when I wanted to win the script (Shooting Schedule) where I didn't have enough money, turns out that the guy won it for 1000, no competition. I recorded it, it's on video. At that same auction a sketch of a bear from Fox and the Hound sold for 2000 dollars, so the guy that bid for the storyboards REALLY wanted and was SURE to get it, it seems.

For those that don't know, these Storyboards are essentially the skeleton of the film, uncut, uncensored, and is the next best thing to a extended cut of The Black Cauldron,  I have a Youtube channel where I run some Black Cauldron related trivia and deleted scene research that everyone steals to put in their video instead of looking for themselves, for now only a handful of scenes surfaced, but I did do my homework and research, I'm currently gathering material for a new video with the new stuff that just showed up, so everyone can enjoy and steal :D


Posted by CaptainJingo - December 3rd, 2018

People will hate you, tumblr. You'll lose traffic, you dumblr. It's not worth pleasing the chinese and their criminal social credit bullshit system, stumblr.


Posted by CaptainJingo - November 21st, 2018

Currently working on a Evil Coco pic which I intended as my first Newgrounds Picture but I forgot about that so I just posted some stuff.

I didn't get banned from tumblr, the bot that goes after pornbots already did that last year and I managed to get it back after contacting support, so I reccomend everyone that lost it to try it. Still, it's really sad how social media has been becoming more and more unfriendly to independent art in general.

I will be posting my art at complete random, aka what I think are my ''best pieces'' in no particular order, originally I thought of doing them in chronological order but that would take too much work so fuck it lol.